Erica Fowler

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Erica Fowler

Partner, Team Director of Operations,
Arbor Avenue Private Wealth &Partners

Born in Pontiac, Michigan, and raised in Rochester Hills, Erica brings a wealth of local knowledge and a deep commitment to the Michigan community. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University and has honed her experience in the brokerage industry over 17 years, specializing in operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Erica’s role at Arbor Avenue allows her to blend her extensive experience in brokerage operations with her passion for problem-solving and client service. Her focus on maintaining high standards of service excellence and her proactive approach to addressing challenges are central to her professional philosophy. Erica envisions herself continuing to evolve in her role, committed to leveraging the latest industry knowledge and operational practices to drive the firm’s growth and sustain its strong client relationships.

Outside the office, Erica enjoys embracing her  hobbies such as listening to music and podcasts, volunteering, working out, and engaging in home improvement projects. She treasures time spent with her two sons, whether playing board games, exploring the outdoors, or enjoying movies together. Erica’s dedication to her family, clients, and community underscores her multifaceted approach to both her personal and professional life.

Education and Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Science degree, Eastern Michigan University

Personal Life and Interests:

  • Enjoys music, podcasts, volunteering, fitness, and home improvement
  • Values quality time with her two sons, especially playing board games and outdoor activities

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